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Important Updates

The OVACE (Office of Victim Assistance and Safe Environment) at the Archdiocese of San Antonio
has upgraded their trainings. Additional VIRTUS trainings have been added. The directive advises that all volunteers: liturgical ministers, catechists, those serving in any capacity, festival workers and employees complete this additional training .

Protecting God's Children (VIRTUS program) :
If you work with or around children or young adults under the age of 18, you are required to complete Virtus training and a Criminal Background Check once every three years. This is a requirement of the Archdiocese and applies to EVERYONE…...Liturgical and Eucharistic ministers, volunteers, clubs and organizations, etc., as well as employees of the parish. Training can be completed online by going to www.virtus.org, and following the prompts.

Additional training on Sexual Harassment must also be completed. It is now a requirement of the Archdiocese and applies to EVERYONE who volunteers in ANY capacity. Training can be completed on-line. However, if you prefer live training, please contact Al Torres, 830-985-3355, olgdre@earthlink.net for the next Live Training Session.

We appreciate and thank all who volunteer in the different capacities of our Parish.
The directives we have been asked to share with you, are implemented to help make a safer environment for the children as well as the adults of our Parish Community . We trust that all VOLUNTEERS who have not completed the required trainings will support the request and complete the trainings that are being offered as soon as possible. For the Volunteers who have already completed the Training sessions, Thank you .

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