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Message from our Pastor

“Salt of the Earth and Light of the World”

Can we imagine what this world would be like without salt and light? Without salt, everything will be tasteless and without light, this world will be in complete darkness. Short to say, without salt and light this world will not be a fun place to be.

In ancient Judaism, salt and light were not only two important things in daily life but also rich images to capture the identity and vocation of the people of Israel as the Chosen People. Salt was added to food to give it flavor and to the sacrifices in the Temple. Therefore, salt is being used as a sign of permanence, purity and healing.

Furthermore, light was associated with the city of Jerusalem. This city, as the prophets had said, would shine like a “light to the nations”. It was to be a city set on a hill, high above all others, drawing all nations toward the glorious light streaming from her Temple. In another words, Israel was given the mission of being the salt of the earth and the light to the nations, that God’s salvation would reach to the ends of the earth (see Isaiah 42:6; 49:6).

By calling his disciples “Salt of the Earth and Light of the World” in today’s Gospel reading, Jesus calls them to a mission: to fulfill Israel’s mission and vocation. Therefore, the church and every Christian is also called to partake in this mission. By our faith and by doing the corporal works of mercy, we are to make the light of God’s life break forth in the darkness.

Therefore, the Liturgy of this Sunday reminds us that our faith can never be a private affair, something we can hide as if under a basket. We are to pour ourselves out for the afflicted, as Isaiah tells us in the First Reading. Our light must shine as a ray of God’s mercy for all who are poor, hungry, naked, and enslaved.

Short to say, there must be a transparent quality to our lives. Our friends and family, our neighbors and fellow citizens, should see reflected in us the light of Christ and through us be attracted to the saving truths of the Gospel.

This is what we call “Evangelization”. The catechism has this quote in paragraph 904 that evangelization —meaning to “lead others to faith” — is “the task of every preacher and of each believer.” So, we are all called to evangelize, but we have to do it in our own sphere and in our own state of life. One of the most powerful ways to do this is precisely through acts of charity and the corporal works of mercy, which help us to become the salt of the earth and the light of the world.

Think about this, when we think of doing the corporal works of mercy, sometimes we think of works performed outside the home (e.g., visiting homeless shelters, prisons, hospitals, etc.). But what are some ways that we might engage in corporal works of mercy inside our own home and family? For example: feeding hungry children, clothing little children, caring for sick family members selflessly, etc.

Blessings, Fr. Leo

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