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“The human heart of Jesus burns with the love with which it is overflowing. This love of His is love for the Eternal Father and for all humankind who are the Father’s children.” Pope John Paul II

Pope Francis was very complimentary towards his predecessor
Pope Benedict XV1 who had been the first Pope in recent memory to retire while still in office. We share the quote with you. “The conscience is the interior place for listening to God; it is the inner place of my relationship with Him, the One who speaks to my heart and helps me to discern, to understand the way I must take and, once the decision is made, to go forward, to stay faithful. We have had a marvelous example of what this relationship with God is like, a recent and excellent example. Pope Benedict XV1 gave us this great example when the Lord helped him with understanding, in prayer, what the step was that he had to take. With a great sense of discernment and courage, he followed his conscience, that is, the will of God speaking in his heart. And this example is certainly one to follow.”

We continue to be grateful for your participation at Mass. Some of you drive a good distance to share your time with us. Please be conscious where you park, if at all possible utilize the Parking Lot behind the Church (Parish Hall). Also, please do not park on the street (D’Hanis), this makes it a hazard for through traffic. Thank You !

4 things you can do for yourself and others…
(1) Spend some time each day thinking positive thoughts.
(2) Praise farmers and ranchers.
(3) Turn the other cheek---the temptation for revenge is always there; don’t give in!
(4) On July 4th share why it is a privilege to live in this country.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Tuesday. - 9:00 am to 6:00 pm - Chapel
Tuesday - 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm - Church
Friday - 9:00 am to 3:00 pm - Chapel

Religious Education Notes :

Friendly Reminder
The Religious Ed Classrooms will be used for Vacation Bible School. We appreciate your donations for the upcoming Rummage Sale, (September 7th & 8th) we are asking you to please hold on to your items a little bit longer . We will begin to accept donations June 25th. Thank you.

The Word Among us & Living Faith Prayer Books
The Word Among Us Prayer books which have been made available at the entrance of church, will be discontinued through the Parish with the January 2019 edition. Please use the subscription application that is in the current addition if you wish to order your own personal copy.

The small Living Faith Prayer books will continue to be available.

Centennial Cook Books
They are available for a suggested donation of $10 each.

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