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The three persons of the Trinity are frequently found together in the scriptures.
Today’s Gospel, an excerpt from the discourse of Jesus at the Last Supper, continues this highlight. The Spirit will come to communicate Jesus’ message, not a new one. Since what Jesus has, the Father also has, the Spirit will continue the revelation of the One God.
Do you recall a few years back when the Mass was revised, and we started saying “consubstantial” - a tongue – twisting word that was hard to say and even harder to understand. Today, consubstantial easily rolls off our tongue each time we recite the Creed. Webster’s definition of that word, “of the same substance,” can actually give us insight into the Trinity. We might think of our bodies and how our head, hand and foot are all different, but still parts of the same body. If we were sculpting an image of the Trinity, the Father, Son and Spirit would all be formed from the same clay. All three persons are uniquely different, but still consubstantial.

A little knowledge properly applied is more important than a tremendous number of facts accumulated and not utilized.

Please keep in mind all the children
who are participating in Vacation Bible School this week. When you offer your daily prayers be sure to include their intentions.

Best wishes to all Dads on today Fathers Day.
It is no coincidence that Jesus used the image of father to draw us into a closer union with God. Prior to His time the people of God were at a great distance from God, so much so, that they would not even mention His Name. How can you have a good connection with another when you live in fear of them? Jesus must have had a super connection with Joseph to say that the title Father (Abba = Dad, Pops, Papa) became His expression to describe the reality of God from whom He had come. Thank you Dad for your role as leader in our family.

When we thank God for life and breath,
it almost sounds like an overused term. But the sacred rhythm of breathing can easily go unnoticed. Every time we inhale, our diaphragm contracts and our lungs expand. When we exhale, our diaphragm relaxes. This pattern is nothing short of Miraculous. Today, pay attention to your breath.

We continue to be grateful for your participation at Mass. Some of you drive a good distance to share your time with us. Please be conscious where you park, if at all possible utilize the Parking Lot behind the Church (Parish Hall). Also, please do not park on the street (D’Hanis), this makes it a hazard for through traffic. Thank You !

4 things you can do for yourself and others…
(1) Clean recyclables before putting them in the bin.
(2) Set aside one day to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water, let’s call it the 8x8 rule.
(3) Count your blessings.
(4) Give money to somebody unexpectedly.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

Tuesday. - 9:00 am to 6:00 pm - Chapel
Tuesday - 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm - Church
Friday - 9:00 am to 3:00 pm - Chapel

Religious Education Notes :

Friendly Reminder
The Religious Ed Classrooms will be used for Vacation Bible School. We appreciate your donations for the upcoming Rummage Sale, (September 7th & 8th) we are asking you to please hold on to your items a little bit longer . We will begin to accept donations June 25th. Thank you.

The Word Among us & Living Faith Prayer Books
The Word Among Us Prayer books which have been made available at the entrance of church, will be discontinued through the Parish with the January 2019 edition. Please use the subscription application that is in the current addition if you wish to order your own personal copy.

The small Living Faith Prayer books will continue to be available.

Centennial Cook Books
They are available for a suggested donation of $10 each.

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