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Message from our Pastor

Gospel Reading:
John 13:31-33a,34-35
Jesus gives his disciples a new commandment: love one another.

Family Connection:
Is love the first word your family members use to describe their interactions? Love is difficult. Jesus' sacrifice for us is an example of this. Yet because of love, the glory of God is fully revealed in Jesus. God's glory is revealed in us when we act as the Body of Christ, as individuals and as a community. In the love we have for one another—difficult, challenging, sacrificial love—we find Jesus.

Choose one or two occasions when your family was together during the week. Describe the family's interactions from an outsider's perspective. When is it less difficult to show love to family members? When is it more difficult? When love is difficult, what do we do?

Jesus didn't just tell us to love one another. He showed us how to love one another. In what ways did Jesus show us how to love? (in his acts of healing and forgiving; at the Last Supper as he washed his disciples' feet; in the gift of the Eucharist; through his death on the Cross)

Blessings, Fr. Leo

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